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What is the help of the joint filling function for pavement maintenance?
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With the road becoming more and more neat and smooth, the traffic is more and more convenient, there will be road cracks, collapses and other serious road diseases, which affect the smooth traffic. The use of seam filling machine reduces the damage of the road and reduces the cost of road maintenance. What is the help of the joint filling function for pavement maintenance?
Some compounds are added to the asphalt in the joint pouring machine, which can accelerate the solidification speed of asphalt, and it can be opened to traffic about 20 minutes after the joint pouring operation.
The electric heating system is used in the discharge pipe to prevent the condensation of the filling material in the hose and reduce the number of manual cleaning of the hose.
Labor intensity is saved. The joint pouring machine changes the traditional construction technology of road joint pouring, improves the construction efficiency and quality, and effectively extends the service life of the road.
Usually, the matching road cutting machine will be used to cut and expand the road gap, and then the high-pressure dust collector will be used to clean the debris in the gap, and then the joint filling machine will be used to fill the asphalt in the road gap.
After filling the cracks with liquefied petroleum gas, we want to start the machine to melt the asphalt cracks.
After using for a period of time, maintenance should be carried out to extend the service life of the equipment and maintain the accuracy of the equipment. Since the joint pouring material uses asphalt or joint pouring glue, it is easy to solidify when the temperature is low. The joint pouring machine is equipped with a generator set to provide the power of the whole machine. The joint pouring machine adopts a constant temperature control system at the discharge pipe to avoid material burning and aging and ensure smooth discharge. Remember to clean the equipment after each operation, and regularly check the tightness of the sewing machine. Do not put it in the sun when it is idle. In this way, the joint pouring machine will be more helpful to the pavement maintenance.