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LLRD-K13C concrete road slotting machine with gasoline engine


Asphalt Road Crack Router is primarily used to widen the cracks in concrete pavement or asphalt pavement, in this way, you can repair the road cracks and prolong the life span of the road. This device adopts the Kohler 13 hp gasoline engine. It is reliable and stable in performance, and is therefore suitable for harsh environments.

2.Product Application:

The crack router is capable of grooving slots at 0-35 mm by depth, and 8 mm by width along cracks in concrete or asphalt pavement easily, accurately and quickly.

Its working principle is powered by the powerful gasoline Kohler engine.

Handing lift hand wheel makes the spindle could be lifted up and down to adjust the depth of the slot.


1)Model: LLRD-K13C

2)Net Weight: 60kg

3)Slot Width: 8mm (adjustable from 6mm to 15mm)

4)Max Slot Depth: 35mm

5)Engine: Kohler engine

6)Engine Power: 13hp

7)Vacuum System: Have (could realize effective dust collection)

8)Size: 1150*700*950mm(L*W*H)

4.Main Features:


Import Kohler engine, 13 HP. The engine can bear the influence under harsh construction environment, providing the maximum guarantee of the engine’s performance and working time.



The cutting position indicating locator could instruct the operator to  conduct grooving cutting along the cracks. It can accurately conduct the work of slotting and expanding the crack to irregular road cracks according to the indication of fracture indicator.


3)Shock-proof handle design guarantees comfortable operation for the users;


4)The manual push rod can regulate the rising and falling of crack router’s cutters


5)The front wheel USES the universal castors, which assures that the machine could cut into the groove according to the curve of the fracture.


6)Special vacuum devices make it dust-free during grooving.