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LLRD-K25C Road Crack router


Used for the expanding of cracks before sealing, then there is enough bonding surface while sealing, in order to prolong the life span of the crack sealant. 


1) Model: LLRD-K25C

2) Engine: Kohler Gasoline engine, double cylinder, air cooling

3) Engine Power: 25HP

4) Starting mode: electric starting

5) Fuel tank: 20L

6) Slotting width: 10-50mm (adjustable)

7) Slotting depth:0-30mm (adjustable)

8) Blades: 6 pcs carbide blades

9) Crack tracking indicator: It can instruct you to cut out the groove of irregular cracks

10) Emergency braking system: Equipped with emergency braking, braking can be achieved within 7 seconds.

11) Fan capacity: 10m³/h

12) Diameter of dust collection hose: 100mm

13) Diameter of dust collection tank:32cm

14) Volume of Dust collecting box: 10L

15) Diameter of dust collecting bag: 40cm

16) Length of dust collecting bag: 60cm

3. Feature: 

1)Special vacuum devices make it dust-free during grooving. 

2)Gasoline Kohler engine, 27hp, air-cooled, with two cylinder. Triple air filter maximizes the life span of engine.

3)Cutting depth adjustable: 0-35mm,cutting width adjustable:10-50 mm。

4)Special design of electromagnetic clutch make it more safety and economic efficiency. And save the engine gasoline consumption. 

5)V diamond blades can be optional.