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LLRD-G100 crack sealing machine

1.General Introduction:

Hand push or Traction type dual-purposed road crack sealing machine is a kind of small maintenance equipment used for repairing irregular cracks of asphalt pavement and road cement. It is simple and convenient in operation, and having convenient movement

2.Introduction of parts and components:

1)Generator set:


The machine adopts imported Yamaha generator

Rated Power: 2.0 kw 

Voltage: 220 v

2)Hot melt kettle


Hot melt kettle uses thermal oil heating which has uniform heating and sealant is not easy to carbide in the kettle

3)Temperature monitoring system


Temperature monitoring system, LED digital display temperature control system, can monitor and adjust the temperature of the heat conduction oil and the temperature of the electric heating tube 

4)Riello diesel burner


The heating system of imported Riello diesel burner can not only provide the ideal heating effect, it’s also stable and sustainable. through the use of advanced microcomputer control technology, the switch on and switch off function of the burner can be achieved automatically through setting heating temperature on the control panel. Through this, you could not only save energy consumption, but could also realize the real intelligence operations

5)Electric mixing system


Electric mixing system: reduce labor intensity, make the heat more evenly

6)External type material pump


External type material pump: greatly simplifies the equipment maintenance procedures and improves the service life of the machine

7)Electric heating tube


Electric heating tube: 4 m in length, can rotate 360 degrees. Applying the electric heating tube could smooth the process of glue pushing. The electric heating tube uses plastic Teflon as inner core, the outside of inner core is winded by heating wire, to ensure the maximum stretch and the highest heat transfer. It has multi-layer insulation; Outer is asbestos and heat pipe is yellow

8)slope locking devices


Safe and convenient slope locking devices: even if under slope construction, it can ensure safe and effective stop of the machine. It is especially suitable for mountain road usage

9)Humanized sealing spout scraper


Humanized sealing spout scraper, is more efficient in operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and is equipped with a drip discharge valve, completely eradicate the road pollution

3.Performance and Features:

1. Small volume and light weight makes it move easily. Configuration of the ramp stop device is easy to operate, therefore,  irrigation of sealant is evenly and efficient

2.Heat conduction oil indirectly heats the joint sealant, effectively prevent high temperature carbonization of the crack seal material 

3. Equipped with imported Italy EACOON diesel burner; heating is more efficient

4. The use of advanced control instrument, can clearly display and adjust the temperature of electric heating tube and heat conduction oil. The operator is clear about the operation of the machine at a glance

5. The electric heating hose can rotate 360 degrees, and in use process need no clean-up

6. Discharge pump is controlled through infinitely adjustable-speed motor, can regulate the flow of sealant according to need

4.Detailed Specifications:

1)Moving Method: hand-push or self propelling

2) Material Melting Time: Within 40 Min

3) Weight: 240KG

4) Electric heating hose: 4M in length, electric heating during the whole procedure, more smoothly when sending out the glue

5) Size: 2100*960*1300 (L*W*H)

6) Heat transfer oil: 40L

7) Generator: Yamaha Generator

8) Fuel Tank: 30L

9) Output Power: 50HZ

10) Mixing Method: Electric Operated Mixing

11) Rated Power: 2.0 KW

12) Hot melt kettle volume: 110L

13) Voltage: 220V

14) Heating Method: heat transfer oil indirect heating

15) Burner: Riello Diesel Burner

16) Asphalt pump: high pressure wear-resisting anti-clogging asphalt pump, pump adopts inorganic speed regulating motor, regulate the flow of sealant

17) Burning Power: 50000KCAL

18) Turning Method: turn the rear universal, flexible steering, convenient in mobility.