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The method of maintaining the hand sewing machine
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The small-scale joint pouring machine adopts liquefied gas heating system and heat transfer oil circulation to make asphalt or joint pouring glue melt quickly. The pressure of asphalt pump is discharged from the discharge port to crack treatment. What are the methods to maintain the hand sewing machine?
Through pressure injection, the data are closely combined with the seam wall, and the sensitive universal wheel is used to mark the crack, which makes the effect of seam filling beautiful.
Because of the use of asphalt or sealant for joint filling, it is easy to condense when the temperature is low. The joint filling machine is equipped with a generator set to supply power to the whole machine, and the constant temperature control system is selected at the discharge pipe of the joint filling machine, so as to avoid data scorching and aging and ensure smooth discharge.
At present, the market of joint sealer basically tends to large-scale joint sealer with complete function, while small joint sealer is more used for rural highway pavement maintenance. Capacity 60L, push by hand, independent power, light and reliable.
The thermal efficiency is increased 2-3 times and the whole operation time is shortened. By using new technology and skills, the quality of joint pouring is improved and the cost is reduced. The whole machine is equipped with generator set, which can supply enough power. Add stirring system to make heating fast and uniform.
The joint filling material is output by asphalt pump, and the flow rate can be adjusted. The electric heating system is selected for the discharge pipe to effectively eliminate the condensation problem of the filling material in the hose and reduce the number of manual finishing of the hose. The operation of control panel is simple and labor-saving. It is necessary to maintain the seam filling machine.