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How to control solid content of emulsified asphalt in emulsified asphalt equipment
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In the standard of emulsified asphalt, evaporation residue is the key control index. It is called evaporation residue in emulsified asphalt road standard and solid content in waterproof standard. Is the control of general asphalt emulsification equipment accurate?
The speed of gear pump is used to calibrate, and how much asphalt or emulsion can be used to turn the gear pump. The gear clearance of pump is different, so the measurement error of gear is too large. Another is that emulsion as an aqueous solution, viscosity is very small, under pressure, the reflux is more serious. Some manufacturers use electromagnetic speed regulation to drive the motor, even if the frequency conversion control technology is used, there is still the problem of speed difference.
The volume flowmeter is used for measurement. Emulsion and asphalt are measured by flowmeter. This kind of measurement method needs to cooperate with the automatic proportioning calculation software to achieve good results.
The measuring instrument with accuracy of 0.2 shall be adopted. The measurement is the volume of the material, and the determination of the test is the mass, we need to know the density of the two materials. Using density to correct, the error is very small.
Based on the principle of conservation of energy, the specific heat capacity of materials needs to be measured. The specific heat of asphalt varies with the crude oil and refining process. For raw materials, the specific heat capacity should be measured before each production, and the operability is not strong. Generally, there are some errors in the control of asphalt emulsification equipment.