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LLRD-G500-G600 (electric control)


Net Weight::2400kg

Size: 3980mm*1980mm*1830mm (L*W*H)

Material Melting Speed: About 40 mins

Hot melt kettle volume::500L-600L

Heat transfer oil / conduction oil:120L

Engine:Domestic gasoline generator


Fuel Tank: 90L

Burner: Diesel Burner

Burning Power: 100000 kcal

Temperature control: monitoring the temperature of thermal oil filling, sealing materials and electric heating tube, the computer automatic control (when reaching the construction temperature, it would automatically conduct heat preservation procedure)
Temperature control scope: 0~299℃

Insulating System: 220 V mains supply insulation for optional choice, do not need to start the device (optional choice)

Feeding mechanism: the integration of discharging control switch; Infinite speed control; Equipped with a leak-proof switch

Feeding hose: The electric heating tube is 6M in length, can rotate 360°, with technology in spout incubator, avoid blocking pipe problem caused by low temperature

Discharging flow: 0 - 60L; the infinite speed regulation control

Electric lifting device: Lifting the slotting machine and hot air spraying gun onto the supporting plate, thus reducing labor intensity

Moving Method: rear wheel driving during the whole process; can go forward or backward

Vehicle suspension: leverage spring compression type of shock absorber

Traction Speed: 60km/h