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LLRD-G500 Crack sealing machine


used for maintenance of asphalt concrete and cement concrete pavement, applicable to road sealing treatment of municipal roads’ cracks, airport runway cracks, bridge cracks, square road cracks. Equipped with slotting machine, blower, steel brush, etc. Hydraulic rear wheel driving in the process of construction ensures it could achieve self-propelling, therefore, it’s more convenient and economic than a single traction type equipment.


1) Net Weight: 2400kg

2) Size: 3980mm*1980mm*1830mm (L*W*H)

3) Material Melting Speed: About 40 mins

4) Hot melt kettle volume: 500L

5) Heat transfer oil / conduction oil: 120L

6) Engine: Yanmar 3TNV diesel engine

7) Engine Power: 25hp

8) Fuel Tank: 90L 

9) Hydraulic fuel tank capacity: 90L

10) Burner: Imported Diesel Burner

11) Burning Power: 100000 kcal

12) Temperature control: monitoring the temperature of thermal oil filling, sealing materials and electric heating tube, the computer automatic control (when reaching the construction temperature, it would automatically conduct heat preservation procedure)

13) Temperature control scope: 0~299℃

14) Insulating System: 220 V mains supply insulation for optional choice, do not need to start the device (optional choice)

15) Feeding mechanism: the integration of discharging control switch; Infinite speed control; Equipped with a leak-proof switch

16) Feeding hose: The electric heating tube is 6M in length, can rotate 360°, with technology in spout incubator, avoid blocking pipe problem caused by low temperature

17) Discharging flow: 0 - 60L; the infinite speed regulation control

18) Hydraulic lifting device: Lifting the slotting machine and hot air spraying gun onto the supporting plate, thus reducing labor intensity

19) Moving Method: Hydraulic rear wheel driving during the whole process; self-propelling or hand-push type as you like

20) Vehicle suspension: leverage spring compression type of shock absorber

21) TractionSpeed: 60km/h

22) Self-propelling Speed: 10km/h; the infinite speed regulation control

Hydraulic tools interface for optional choice, can be connected to any kind of hydraulic tools (hydraulic crushing picks, hydraulic cutting saw, hydraulic pump. etc)(optional choice)

3.Features and characteristics:

1)The Yanmar 3TNV 3 cylinder diesel generators: provide sufficient power system to the equipment


2)The heating system of imported Beckett diesel burner can not only provide the ideal heating effect, it’s also stable and sustainable. through the use of advanced microcomputer control technology, the switch on and switch off function of the burner can be achieved automatically through setting heating temperature on the control panel. Through this, you could not only save energy consumption, but could also realize the real intelligence operations


3)Hot melt pot adopts the design of inter-layered heat conduction oil. It can use special-purposed heating sealing glue, it can also use modified asphalt after heating.


4)The discharge hose adopts electric heating during the whole heating process, in addition to the automatic discharging switch, it’s specially equipped with a drip-proof valve, thus completely eradicating waste and pollution of road surface material caused by material drip 


5)The bracket of spear parts of Crack sealing gun adopt design of heat insulation box, which are interlinked with hot melt kettle. Even when stopping work , you also need not worry that spear sealant would cause coagulation block. The crack sealing gun uses Teflon technology in the heating pipe, guaranteeing no bond in the barrel after use, therefore, there is no additional cleaning procedures of the pipeline 


6)Digital display: Through microcomputer control, you can respectively control the temperature of hot melt kettle, conductive thermal oil and crack sealing gun, thus achieving accurate control of heating temperature for different seal material


7)The whole machine adopts fully enclosed design, not only having beautiful shape, but also can better protect the engine and other key components


8)Night lighting and warning lights for optional choice


9)Advanced design concept: adding a carrying platform in the end of the filling and sewing machine, and also a traction device. Grooving machine, heat gun or other items can be easy to carry, greatly enhancing the maneuverability of the equipment